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Axis Residential Treatment is one of the top residential California drug rehab programs for drug and alcohol addiction. This successful residential treatment program is located in the Palm Springs area east of Los Angeles.

Axis welcomes and openly treats all sectors of the adult population, regardless of sex, religion or sexual orientation. We also specialize in treating dually-diagnosed individuals.

Choose Axis Residential Treatment for the highest standard of drug detoxification and alcohol addiction programs. This is truly the ideal residential environment for committing to your custom rehab program.

Axis Residential Treatment uses a unique combination of 12-Step therapy with individualized treatment plans to address the whole person, both mentally and physically. You’ll enjoy the cutting edge treatment that Axis combines with proven, time-honored 12-step values. Our core services include:

• Screening and assessment
• Detoxification
• Residential Treatment
• Partial and Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP)
• Individual and Group Counseling
• Intervention Specialist Support
• Family Program
• Collaboration with Primary Care Physician
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Our concern for your well-being doesn’t stop there. As an important part of your recovery, Axis offers a wide range of health-focused activities and amenities. These include:
• A full gym and personal training
• Hiking
• Yoga
• Massage Therapy
Residential visitors to Axis also receive gourmet meals and transport when required.
Make Axis Residential Treatment your preferred resource for effective and affordable drug rehab in California. In addition, if you’re looking for help with alcohol abuse, ask about our personalized Detox programs at our alcohol treatment center. In addition, Axis plays host throughout the week to several Alcoholics Anonymous chapters in the Palm Springs area.

Our goal at Axis Residential Treatment is permanent sobriety for you. Any drug rehab in Los Angeles will promise you results, but how many can truly back it up? Get out of the city and into the relaxing atmosphere of Palm Springs. At Axis, our drug and alcohol rehab center provides the most compassionate and individualized drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation services anywhere. Our highly qualified professional staff of medical doctors is dedicated to freeing you from chemical dependence. They’ll help you find the solution that best suits your needs and your lifestyle. The approaches we use in our innovative recovery alcohol and drug treatment center programs are effective, compassionate and they work. Because of this we have a strong reputation for providing the best alcohol and drug rehab in California. We have helped hundreds of individuals recover from drug and alcohol addiction. Now let us help you.

We are a leading provider of drug rehab in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. Our Los Angeles drug and alcohol rehab facility offers the most comprehensive services available.

Call Axis Residential Treatment to experience a sober living environment that is safe, exclusive personalized for you. We promote growth, team support and accountability. Our alcohol treatment center in Palm Springs is fully equipped with all the amenities of a first-rate retreat to make our residents feel comfortable. Axis Residential Treatment will work with you as a team to achieve real recovery results that will free you from chemical dependency. We’ll show you how to rebuild your life, restore family connections and most importantly, attain long-term sobriety.

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Our Residents Are Proof:

testimonial 1 "Before I came to Axis I had no direction in life. I was a hopeless addict with no idea how to climb out of the hole. At Axis I found counselors who understood me, helped me and showed me the way out of addiction."
- B.N., Palm Springs, CA

testimonial 1 "I'm glad I chose AXIS for my rehab. They understood, they counseled, they cared. That's all you can ask for."
- R.T., Long Beach, CA

testimonial 1 "I feel like I'm on a great adventure, with limitless possibilities before me. I've been, for the first time in my life, pointed in the right direction."
- D.T., Los Angeles, CA

testimonial 1 "The joy and sense of fulfillment I now live with is something I never imagined in my life, and something that I am eternally thankful to Axis for."
- A.Y., Lynnwood, CA

Facilities image Located in the exclusive community of Indian Wells we provide residents with the perfect combination of serenity, luxury and therapy.
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Our California drug rehab treatment program begins with two core principles: that addiction is treatable and that no two addicts are alike. From this basis, our program offers individuals a chance at sobriety through treating each client's unique needs and histories.
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