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Addictions are thought to be brought about by the person themselves, but research has shown that addictions may be a genetic disorder and that some people are unable to help themselves. Some research has shown that twins who are separated at birth, are often found to have emulated each other in their addictions. Some studies [...]

Addictions are not only about drugs, alcohol, and smoking but there are many other kinds of addictions, like shopping, gambling and overeating. People become addicted to all sorts of things and it rules their lives. Can you believe that people also become addicted to the internet! Each addiction has it own set of problems, and [...]

Drug addiction happens with people from all walks of life and at almost any age. Even children and teens are not immune to such things, especially when brought up in homes where substances are available one way or another. While addiction is not necessarily discriminatory, some people are more prone to addiction than others. [...]

Getting sober is an important step you have to take if you want to get your life back and put addiction in the past. However, it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. It’s a blessing to have great places like drug and alcohol rehab centers and other supports to help in the [...]

Bipolar disorder is a terrible thing to suffer from. The mood swings can be horrific and one never knows when up or down will come. Those who are not being treated for their bipolar disorder, often turn to drugs and alcohol for help. While these might provide some temporary relief, they don’t exactly make things [...]

Transitioning back into your normal life after rehab can be quite the ordeal. After all, you;re going home to what is, hopefully, a whole new way of life. Things are going to be much different for you than they were before you went to rehab. At least, they should be, if your goal is to [...]

Mom was a closet drinker. On the surface, she seemed to loathe the mere mention of alcohol and never appeared drunk. Yet, the kids and their father knew something was up, as they could often smell it on her. Still, there was no real proof. Mom secretly drank when no one was awake. Hiding her [...]

Prisons in the U.S. are loaded down with drug offenders. Approximately 80% of those incarcerated are, in fact, doing time for drugs. while many are in for dealing, a lot are also in because they are users and have been caught in possession or while making a buy, etc. When these people are arrested, it [...]

Everyone knows that alcohol can destroy the human live. The liver was built to filter toxins within our bodies, however, many people like to push the limits by consuming tons of alcohol, which the liver just can’t handle. It is surprising however, that when people talk about how alcohol hurts the liver, it seems that [...]

Human beings thrive on mistakes. Much of our learning comes through trial and error. And so it goes with rehab. No one goes into rehab with the intention of relapsing. While some do get clean and sober and never use drugs or drink again, others might face some difficulty with the transition. Much of it [...]

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